Avoyd Immaculate Man

After shaving or waxing, men often experience a burning sensation of the skin, itching or red bumps particularly in the neck, on the chest and in the pubic area. These sensitive body parts benefit greatly from a treatment with Avoyd Immaculate Man after depilation. Avoyd Immaculate Man works healingly on the sensitive skin in the pubic area and instantly calms and soothes the shaven or waxed skin.

Shaving and Waxing Often Result in Skin Irritation and Red Bumps

Shaving of sensitive skin causes the most skin irritation, red bumps and itching. Like women, men also experience these discomforts after shaving their pubic area. As quality after-shave skincare products are in high demand, we have developed Avoyd Immaculate Man – developed for men to make skin irritations a thing of the past.


Avoyd Immaculate Man for the Sensitive Skin

Not only does Avoyd Immaculate Man relieve skin irritation after shaving your neck, face, chest or pubic area, it also contains ingredients to combat red bumps, blemishes and ingrown hairs.
For the best results we advise to use Immaculate Man for a maximum of 2 days after shaving or waxing and then switch to Avoyd or Avoyd + Double Delight.


How does Avoyd Immaculate Man work?

Immaculate Man is a moisturizing product without alcohol, developed specifically to calm and moisturize the sensitive male skin after shaving or waxing. The composition of Immaculate Man ingredients works healing, caring and calming and prevents discomforts like, razor burn and red bumps.