Shaving Your Bikini Line

Most women shave their bikini lines almost daily. Apart from being hygienic, it also looks good; is it part of the female grooming routine. Nobody wants pubic hairs peeping out from under their briefs or bikini, so the bikini line is shaved often. This may, however, lead to skin irritation.


Shaving Your Bikini Line Without Irritating the Skin

Avoid bikini line razor burn! Every woman would like to be able to shave her bikini line without suffering the irritated skin afterwards. As skin in this area is very thin en tender, shaving with extra care is a must to avoid skin irritation, ingrown hairs and itching. Using the proper shaving or hair removal products is essential when shaving your bikini line.


What causes Razor Burn? Our top 5;

  1. Blunt, dirty or old razor blades .
  2. Using shaving products (foam, gel or mousse) that do not match your skin type aggravate skin irritation after shaving.
  3. Wrong shaving technique that damages the skin
  4. Shaving too often and not allowing the skin to recover
  5. Follicles clogged up by dead skin cells